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Given the competitive environment of higher education, it is essential that Albany Law School present a single, succinct, and compelling story. To accomplish this we must create and maintain a single brand identity.

Albany Law School's brand defines who we are and what we do. It presents our voice to the world and helps us achieve our mission and vision. And your assistance is needed so we can maintain a clear, unified brand identity.

On these pages, you will find guidelines that outline our visual brand identity. These guidelines address the use of the law school's logos, colors, fonts, and seal.

All departments, centers, programs, and units are expected to implement these visual identity guidelines in all future communications projects. When existing printed materials are depleted, they should be replaced with new materials designed according to these guidelines.

We appreciate your cooperation in using these guidelines to embrace and promote a unified law school identity. After all, our brand is one of our most important assets!


Official Photos of Albany Law School events are available through flickr.com/photos/albanylaw. All photos are high-res, but if source files are needed contact communications@albanylaw.edu.

More information and tips for taking your own photos are here.

Swearing In for Comm Page
Commencement For Comms Page
Jumping for Comms Page



Primary Logo - Red
  • The most visible element in our brand identity system
  • Crafted to be distinctive, memorable, readable and easily adapted for use in a wide range of media
  • Must appear on all printed materials, typically on the front or back
  • Cannot be recreated, altered or distorted in any way



Adobe Illustrator


Stacked Logo - Red

This logo should only be used when using the primary logo is unfeasible.



Adobe Illustrator


Red - Building Only Logo

This logo should only be used when using the primary or stacked logos are unfeasible.


Adobe Illustrator

Clear Space Around Logos

  • Always maintain clear space around the law school's logotype to separate it from text, images, or other graphic elements
  • Minimum clear space should also be used to ensure sufficient space exists between the logotype and the edge of any page

Specific Department & Center Logos

Department Logo - Women's Leadership Initiative

Customized logotypes have been created that incorporates the different names of departments and centers. Each are available by emailing communications@albanylaw.edu.

To ensure consistency, units are not permitted to create unique, independent logos or marks.

Law School Seal

Law School Seal - Red

Use of the official seal of Albany Law School is reserved for official documents from the school president, such as diplomas, certificates, and legal documents. 

Approval to use the seal for official University business may be granted by the Communications and Marketing Department at communications@albanylaw.edu.

The seal may be reproduced only from authorized reproductions and cannot be redrawn, re-proportioned, or modified in any way.


Consistent use of Albany Law School's official brand colors is critical to building our brand identity. 

The dominant color used in all Albany Law School communications materials is:

Albany Law Red

The accent colors for the law school are black and white.


  • R - 156, G - 31, B - 45
  • C - 25, M - 99, Y - 84, K - 22
  • HEX# - 9c1f2d


Typography is an important element in the University’s brand identity system, and we have made the following type selections to best represent the University’s voice and to maintain a consistent tone throughout various communications. 

Primary Fonts

  • Adobe Garamond (serif): may be used for body text or headlines
  • FreightSans Pro (sans serif): may be used for body text or headlines

Substitute Fonts

Use only when the primary fonts are not available

  • Garamond (serif)
  • Arial (sans serif)




Letterhead Template Image



Click here to download our PowerPoint Template.

PowerPoint Template 1

Zoom backgrounds

Download Zoom background here.

Event Posters

The Communications Department uses Canva.com to design many event posters. Examples of previous work:

Flyer Example 3
Flyer Example 2
Flyer Example 1