Juris Doctor (J.D.) Four Year Program Applicants

While many students elect to pursue their degree in three years, Albany Law School is happy to offer a more flexible four-year option for students that need the extra time to complete the requirements. 

Status Changes

Students who enroll in the four-year program for their first year but want to graduate in three years must switch to the three-year program prior to the beginning of their third semester or their first summer session, whichever comes first.

The Program Change Request form is available in the Registrar's Office.

A student who switches in this manner must enroll as a three-year student in at least one summer session and must successfully complete at least five credits in that summer session and must also successfully complete four semesters as a three-year student.

Please note increased tuition costs may be incurred with summer session enrollment. 

Course Load

To graduate from Albany Law School, a student must complete a total of 87 credits. Students in the four-year program must complete an average of 22 credits per year.

Students normally take eight to 12 credits each semester.

Administrative approval must be obtained to take either an underload or an overload. Contact the Registrar's office for the proper form.


Students in the four-year program pay 75 percent of tuition costs for eight semesters. These amounts are not affected by the number of credits in which a student may be enrolled in a given semester. All students attending summer session pay tuition costs according to the published rate for that summer.


Students in both the three- and four-year programs receive a grade-point average each semester. Students are ranked at the end of each semester, provided they are enrolled in a minimum of 10 credits in the three-year program and eight credits in the four-year program. Students expecting to earn their J.D. from Albany Law School will receive a cumulative rank at the end of each semester.

Financial Aid

Students in the four-year program who have been awarded a scholarship by the Admissions Committee will receive 75 percent of their award each year as long as the student continues to maintain the necessary academic qualifications.

A change in programs results in a change in tuition charges. Financial aid, including Albany Law School grant funds and Federal Perkins Loan funds, is adjusted accordingly. Students must carry a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester to be eligible for funds through the New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). A minimum of six credit hours is required for Summer School TAP.

Questions may be directed to the Office of Financial Aid at finaid@albanylaw.edu.