Health and Wellness

We’re here for you. Albany Law School’s Health & Wellness Support Network provides support services related to the physical, mental, and emotional needs of our students. Our network works to create an environment where new legal professionals can effectively balance work and leisure to maintain a healthier lifestyle and ensure students can do their best work and be their best selves.

For the mind

The pursuit of a legal degree, while rewarding, can be a challenging undertaking. It is important for future and practicing legal professionals to mediate stress to avoid burnout, and to build strong emotional intelligence to sustain a long and healthy career.  We encourage students to seek out help when needed for safe, judgment-free counseling or support from one of our wellness teams.

  • Counseling and mental health resources (on site counseling services and services provided by Resource Advisor
  • Mental health resources
  • Practice meditation and mindfulness
  • Student Support Team

For the body

Participating in physical activity, whether for fun or competition, contributes strongly to mental and emotional health as well as building a stronger body. Consider signing up for one of our fitness programs, available to all Albany Law School students.

  • Athletics and Fitness Center
  • Monthly Recreational and Educational Programming

For the self and family

From time to time, you may need a safe harbor to take some time to reflect or recompose. Our Serenity Room is a peaceful and private space for meditation, prayer, or a mental break located in the library.

We recognize that some of our students may also have family responsibilities that require attention while on campus. For nursing parents, our Family Nursing Lounge in the 1928 Building is a comfortable place to feed your children.

Additional Programs & Initiatives

The Colby Fellowship allows students to participate in wellness-based activities, provide resources to students, and help bring greater awareness to the importance of a holistic, balanced lifestyle. The Office of Student Affairs will announce when a new Colby Fellow is needed and explain the application process. For any questions, contact StudentAffairs@albanylaw.edu.