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Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA)

Dedicated to assisting its members in achieving their goals during law school, the Asian Pacific American Law Students Association (APALSA) encourages student involvement with issues touching the legal profession, the Law School, and the Asian and Pacific communities. Activities range from academic, professional, and cultural events to school support.

Black Law Students Association (BLSA)

In efforts to articulate and promote the professional needs and interests of African-American students, the Black Law Students Association sponsors active recruitment efforts, guest lecturers, a film series, and academic support programs. Members participate in regional and national BLSA activities and in community programs designed to broaden minority awareness and provide role models for community minorities.

Cardozo Legal Society

The goal of the Cardozo Society is to meet the social, religious and cultural needs of Albany Law School's Jewish student population and to strengthen awareness of Jewish culture and traditions. The Cardozo Society hosts speakers, social events and holiday celebrations. The society also features an Attorney Mentoring Program, giving students the opportunity to learn from and network with area attorneys.

Italian American Law Student Association (IALSA)

Albany Law School's Italian American Law Student Association is a group in pursuit of a common goal of representing the legal community while celebrating a common Italian-American heritage. IALSA is also a student chapter of the greater upstate Capital District National Italian American Bar Association (NIABA). IALSA/NIABA welcomes members of all ethnicities, heritages, and religions.

Latin American Law Students Association (LALSA)

Established to further the rights and interests of Albany Law School's Latino students, the Latino American Law Student Association's (LALSA) diverse membership includes students from Colombia, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Muslim Law Students Association (MLSA)

The purpose of the Muslim Law Students Association (MLSA) is to provide fellowship and build community among Muslim Law Students and students of other faiths, through monthly meetings, educational and religious events, and regular social activities. MLSA coordinates activities with other student groups, works to foster greater dialogue, and educate the ALS community on Islam. MLSA also aims to encourage and generate thoughtful and respectful discussion and debate around legal issues which affect Muslims and other religious communities locally and globally, with particular focus given to constitutional and civil liberty issues as well as international and local human rights topics pertinent to Islam and Muslims. Open to all members of the Albany Law community, MLSA does not discriminate against any individual wishing to join.

Non-Traditional Law Students Association

The purpose of the Non-Traditional Law Students Association (NLSA) is to provide a support network and forum for non-traditional students at Albany Law School. Our mission is to help students from non-traditional backgrounds succeed in their law school journey. NLSA is a community of and for students who have taken time off prior to law school, are transitioning into second careers, have previously pursued an advanced degree, are married and/or parenting, and others who view their academic path as non-traditional.


OUTLaw is a group whose membership, meetings, activities and services are open to all students enrolled at Albany Law School. Members should be supportive individuals who are sensitive and respectful to the needs of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) community. OUTLaw is organized for the purpose of: (1) Educating the Albany Law School community about issues effecting the LGBTQ+ and allied law student community, as well as the greater Capital Region LGBTQ+ community; (2) Creating a social atmosphere for LGBTQ+ and allied law students to meet and connect; (3) Creating a supportive, diverse, and inclusive law school environment which is aware of the needs of the LGBTQ+ community; (4) Encouraging diversity and inclusion in incoming Albany Law School classes; and (5) Promoting queer visibility on the Albany Law School campus and within the legal community at large.

The Women's Law Caucus (WLC)

A forum for both women and men to discuss contemporary feminist issues, the Women's Law Caucus strives to raise the Albany Law School community's awareness of current legal, political and socioeconomic issues affecting women. Both a resource and support network for women, the caucus sponsors speakers, a career panel, an annual Domestic Violence Vigil and clothing drive and films.


Albany Government Law Review

Albany Government Law Review is a student-edited law review, publishing articles on a variety of issues relating to legal aspects of government and public policy. Its strong connection to the school's nationally recognized Government Law Center and our location in the state capital provides the unique opportunity to publish critical and analytical articles written by leading scholars and academics on significant government topics. In addition to serving as an academic forum for legal scholarship, the Albany Government Law Review is designed to be an effective research tool for practicing lawyers and students.

Albany Law Journal of Science and Technology

Since its inception in 1990, the Journal of Science & Technology has developed into a nationally ranked law journal. The extensive annual legal periodical survey conducted by Washington & Lee Law School consistently ranks the Journal among the top Science and Technology Law Journals in the country in categories such as impact, total number of citations by other journals, currency, and frequency of citations by cases. In 2008, the Journal of Science & Technology was ranked #6 over-all and in a combination of citations from journals and cases among all Science and Technology student-edited journals.

Albany Law Review

Founded more than 70 years ago, the Albany Law Review publishes critical and analytical articles written by judges, lawyers and law school professors, as well as notes and comments on legal topics written by Law Review members and other Albany Law students. After completion of first-year course work, students are invited to join the Law Review based on either academic standing or performance in an annual writing competition open to students who earn a grade-point average specified by the faculty. Law Review membership offers students an exceptional opportunity to develop and refine skills in legal research, analysis, and writing.

Sports and Fitness

Albany Law Basketball Club

Students can join the Facebook group to find out about pick-up games. The Basketball Club mission is to advance our organizations guiding principles -- the promotion of physical fitness, cardiovascular health, teamwork, and cooperation -- through the game of basketball. To offer low impact, recreational basketball that provides students with a fun fitness alternative. In addition, the psychological benefits and stress/anxiety ameliorating benefits of team sports will be prioritized. The Albany Law Basketball Club is an inclusive environment, which is open to anyone and everyone. Those interested in the game of basketball, or any of the organizations guiding principles, are encouraged to participate.

Albany Law Deck Hockey Club

The Deck Hockey Club plays three v three games generally on Fridays. We have all the gear needed, but feel free to bring your own! The club is open to anyone wanting to play!

Albany Law Golf Club

The Albany Law Golf Club would like to make the game of golf available to Albany Law in order to promote wellness, friendship and networking skills which can benefit students of all skill levels in their future career endeavors.

Albany Law Rugby Football Club (Men's)

The Rugby Football Club is a proud Albany Law School tradition dating back more than 36 years. Open to all students, the team is the only student-run organization that regularly competes against other colleges and universities. Whether one is an experienced player, or has never set foot on the rugby pitch, all are welcome to learn and enjoy the game. The team plays both a fall and spring season and hosts two annual tournaments: the Alumni Weekend in the fall and the William M. Watkins Memorial Tournament in the spring. The Watkins tournament in the spring is the premier annual event for the team, and is held in memory of the late Prof. Watkins whose tireless efforts served to establish the tradition that is Albany Law rugby. The team is also active in community service and works with the American Red Cross and the Ronald McDonald House charities, volunteering both time and services.

Albany Law Soccer Club

The Albany Law Soccer Club is open to all students no matter your skill level. We generally play 5 v 5 pickup games Thursday evenings in the Gym. In the spring, in addition to Thursday night pickup, there will be an opportunity to join Albany Law FC. Albany Law FC is a competitive team that plays once a week in a co-ed league at Afrim's. Last year was the inaugural season and it was a tremendous success.

Albany Law Women's Rugby Club

Albany Law Women’s Club (Lady Misdemeanors) is a dynamic joint venture between Albany Law School, Albany Law Alumni, Albany College of Pharmacy, and Albany Medical College. Drawing on a multitude of experienced and willing participants, Albany Law Women’s Rugby offers women athletes, the rare opportunity to play a passionate contact sport that involves skill and heart. Re-founded three years ago, the Misdemeanors have built a strong foundation of players who dedicate themselves to the principles of rugby, both on and off the field. The game of rugby is much like American football, soccer, lacrosse and hockey, all rolled into one. NO EXPERIENCE is ever necessary—just a willingness to meet new people and work as a team player. All are welcome.

Albany Law Yoga and Wellness Club

The Yoga & Wellness Club promotes general well-being to the Albany Law School community through practices in: yoga, wellness, and mindfulness. By providing a positive, healthy outlet for the ALS community, we aim to prepare members to listen to their bodies and take proactive steps towards living a balanced and healthy life. The yoga and wellness club will participate in physical yoga practice (led by certified instructors), mindfulness and meditation exercises, and other activities as suggested by club members.

Student Clubs and Organizations

American Constitution Society
Business Law Society

The Business Law Society is an academic student organization that hosts regular meetings and events during the academic year for students interested in learning more about the field of business law, including the areas of corporate law, intellectual property, taxation, and labor and employment law. In addition to providing information about different careers in the field of business law, the Business Law Society also introduces students to different pro bono, clinic, and course opportunities available through the law school within this particular area of law.

Catholic Law Student Association

CLSA shall represent, unite, and promote the Catholic law students at Albany Law School before the school administration and the legal community through support, advocacy, and professional development. CLSA shall strive to encourage unity amongst all affinity groups on the Albany Law School campus, providing support and opportunities to collaborate throughout each academic term.

Chess Club

The Chess Club is a group whose membership, meetings, activities and services are open to all students at Albany Law School. The Chess club does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, national or ethnic origin, age, marital status, or sexual preference. The Chess club is organized for the purpose of allowing students to congregate and play chess.

Chord Adjourned!

Chord Adjourned! is Albany Law School’s first and only music group. Chord Adjourned! was formed with the interest of bringing together students with an appreciation for music for casual “jam sessions” and to occasionally perform at other law school events throughout the semester.

Common Law Grounds

The purpose of Common Law Grounds is to encourage discussion and debate among students and faculty across the ideological spectrum with the goal of identifying and articulating areas of agreement about core values and practices, isolating points of substantive disagreement while also looking for common ground and fostering a culture of open and civil dialogue about legal and political issues. We pursue these goals not under the naïve impression that compromise on important questions of policy is always possible or even desirable. Rather, we do so out of a conviction that for a constitutional democracy to survive and thrive, citizens—especially lawyer-citizens—must remain as attuned to what they have in common as they are to what divides them.

Criminal Law Society

The Criminal Law Society of Albany Law School is a student run organization that fosters discussions, hosts networking events, and organizes other activities throughout the academic year that expose students to various issues within the field of Criminal Law. The Criminal Law Society hopes to inspire future generations of prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, and members of law enforcement to pursue a career in Criminal Law. Membership is open to all students regardless of their interest in Criminal Law; all that is required is a desire to learn.

Democrats at Albany Law

The Albany Law Democrats is organized for the purpose of promoting progressive governance in federal, state, and local government. The Albany Law Democrats is grounded in principles of, and advocacy for, social and economic justice, and seeks to promote the exchange and rigorous debate of differing political ideas and beliefs. The Albany Law Democrats further aims to encourage involvement in the political process.

Environmental Law Society (ELS)

The Environmental Law Society (ELS) is a student organization focused around environmental law and promoting environmental protection. In the past, the organization has brought both the "Mission Wolf" and "Rapture: Birds of Prey" programs to Albany Law School, allowing people from the school and the community to learn about, and come into contact with, endangered animals. The ELS takes field trips to Howe Caverns, sponsors programs to help clean up pollution on the streets of Albany, and sponsors events at Albany Law for younger children to learn about environmental law. The organization also helps bring speakers to the school and sponsors forums to generate discussions and debates on different topics relating to the environment and environmental law. Students also gain the opportunity to network with alumni practicing in the field of environmental law.

Fine and Performative Arts Club

To provide the community with a space to participate in creative endeavors and community outreach.

Gaelic Law Society

The purpose of the Gaelic Law Society (GLS) is to provide fellowship and build community among Gaelic Law Students and students of other heritages through monthly meetings, educational and cultural events, and regular social activates. The Gaelic Law Society coordinates activities with other student groups, works to foster great dialogue and educate the Albany Law School community on Gaelic culture and tradition. The Gaelic Law Society also aims to encourage and generate thoughtful and respectful discussion and debate around legal issues which affect Gaelic and other communities locally and globally. This Gaelic Law Society is open to all members of the Albany Law School community. The Gaelic Law Society does not discriminate against any individual wishing to join.

Health Law Society (HLS)

The Health Law Society at Albany Law School is an organization committed to providing a forum for discussion to promote awareness about contemporary issues regarding health law, healthcare policy and bioethics. HLS strives to accomplish these goals by organizing panel discussions, seminars, debates and networking events with experts in various facets of health law. HLS is also in a unique position to maintain continuous relationships with Albany Medical College (AMC) and Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. HLS plans to co-sponsor events with these surrounding schools to create a comprehensive understanding of the implications of health law in society for our students. HLS is also connected with the faculty at Alden March Bioethics Institute at AMC, for those law students who are interested in pursuing the joint JD/MS in Bioethics.

Immigration Law Society

We believe in freedom of mobility; that the Western World has a duty to accept the immigrant they have forgotten they are. That Western powers took their land with violence and use new forms of violence to exclude others from their stolen land. We believe privilege should not be determinate of immigration success, but that all, especially the disadvantaged, should be able to migrate. We are the loud and the proud. Loud in our defiance of the ruling immigration system. Proud of our immigration status or background. While the nativist seethes and slanders we rise above with eloquence and resolution. Expect us to appear whenever there is injustice. Expect us to arrive in solidarity. Expect us to firmly reject intolerance. We believe that migration is the human experience. We disbelieve in assimilation and encourage everyone to maintain their individuality. We stand by our community and together we are one. It is our devotion and desire to stand with immigrants in our communities and beyond, always. The Society therein necessarily revolves around crisis and times of desperation. Whosoever shall require it shall have it and expect us to rise to the challenge. The Immigration Law Society is not an affiliation society. All, immigrant or not, are welcome to join.

Intellectual Property Law Society (IPLS)

Comprised of students interested in patent, trademark, copyright and trade secrets law, the Intellectual Property Law Society (IPLS) enables students and faculty to stay informed of current issues and technological advances in this ever-changing field. The IPLS organizes lectures, job information sessions, and other activities of interest.

International Law Society (ILS)

Committed to broadening the understanding of international perspectives, the International Law Society (ILS) sponsors lectures, symposia, and other events to illuminate various facets of international law. Recently, the society helped form a Northeast Regional Society, bringing together neighboring ILS chapters in common effort.

Labor and Employment Law Society (LELSA)

The purpose of the Labor and Employment Law Students Association is to provide a forum to educate and teach an awareness of underlying labor and employment law issues and values. Furthermore, LELSA will endeavor to provide a solid knowledge of labor and employment law, contribute to the growth of labor and employment law, contribute to the education of the public on labor and employment issues, and develop skills to administer and improve labor and employment law policy. LELSA is currently pursuing these goals by providing forums for the exchange of information regarding labor and employment issues. LELSA also participates in organizing the Labor and Employment Law Alumni Mentoring Program where Albany Law students interested in having a local labor and employment law attorney as mentor may participate. Finally, LELSA is involved in campus events for students.

Phi Alpha Delta (PAD), Nelson A. Rockefeller Chapter

The Nelson A. Rockefeller Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity International attempts to enhance the law school experience by sponsoring professional and social programs for students, the community, and the law profession. The fraternity sponsors scholarship and student loan programs and offers a national placement service.

Real Estate Law Society

The Real Estate Law Society’s mission is to connect students to Real Estate Law career pathways and opportunities.

Sports and Entertainment Law Society

More Information to come.

Student Bar Association

A principal channel of communication among the student body, faculty and administration, the Student Bar Association (SBA) seeks to establish a firm bond among the classes of the Law School, between students and the faculty, and to broaden the relationship between the law student, the legal profession, and the community-at-large. The SBA is directed by an executive council of elected student representatives that allocate funding—provided by student activity fees—for most student organizations and events.

Student Lawyers Guild

The Student Lawyers Guild is a chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, an organization of about 10,000 lawyers committed to social and political change. The Student Lawyers Guild sponsors speakers and events to educate the law school community on using the law to serve the public interest and achieve social good.

The Federalist Society

The Federalist Society is a group of individuals whose views range from moderate, conservative, or libertarian and have a purpose to encourage discussion on hot legal topics where multiple viewpoints are heard.

The Pro Bono Society

The Pro Bono Society has organized more than 20 student-led projects, including Albany Law's popular service days — Senior Citizens' Law Day, Veterans' Law Day, Special Needs Planning Day, and the groundbreaking LGBT Law Day — which are held to provide free legal services to underrepresented members of the community. The Pro Bono Society allows students to work in small groups under the supervision of a community partner, and with the leadership of a student project director. The pro bono program employs two work-study students to serve as Co-Presidents of the Pro Bono Society, and assist the Fellow in the day-to-day management of the Pro Bono Society's projects. Each individual project is led by a student project director who works closely with their community partner to develop their individual projects, delegate service assignments, and schedule and conduct trainings for student members. The community partner supervises the legal or law-related work students do as part of the projects, and works with the student project director to develop meaningful, appropriate, and engaging service learning opportunities for student members. Each project has a faculty advisor to assist the project directors in realizing their vision and meeting their goals.

Other Recent Student Organizations

Albany Law Philosophic Society
Albany Law School Civil Liberties Union (CLU)
Albany Law School Students for Reproductive Justice
Armed Service Members of Albany Law (ASMAL)
Cycling Club
Outdoor Club
People's Law Project
Softball Team
Sports Law Forum
Student Hurricane Network
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