Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct: Title IX Reporting

Several policies govern the Law School’s response to reports of Prohibited Conduct and resolution of Formal Complaints. These policies are posted here.

  • Reports of Prohibited Conduct against a student or a member of the faculty or staff that fall within the scope of Title IX are governed by the Albany Law School Policy and Procedure for the Resolution of Prohibited Conduct within the Scope of Title IX.
  • Reports of Prohibited Conduct against a student that fall outside the scope of Title IX are governed by the Student Policy on Harassment, Sexual Assault, and Relationship Violence.
  • Finally, reports of Prohibited Conduct against a member of the faculty or staff that fall outside the scope of Title IX are governed by the Prohibition of Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation for the Campus Community.

All reports of Prohibited Conduct will be taken seriously. The Law School’s handling of a report of  Prohibited Conduct will be prompt, fair, and impartial from the initial response to the final resolution of the report. The Law School’s response will be conducted by appropriately trained individuals who do not have a conflict of interest or bias for or against the complainant or  the respondent.

Any person having a complaint of sexual harassment, sexual assault or dating/domestic violence, stalking, or retaliation is encouraged to promptly make a report to Albany Law School by contacting the Interim Title IX Coordinator, Jackie Moran, at (518) 445-3346 or TitleIXCoordinator@albanylaw.edu. The Title IX Coordinator’s office is located at 80 New Scotland Avenue (1928 Building), Room 213, Albany, NY 12208.

Reports of violations of this Policy may also be reported to any member of the Albany Law School Harassment Committee, which is a group of faculty and staff members trained to respond to alleged violations of this Policy.

The Harassment Committee is responsible for investigating and adjudicating reports of Prohibited Conduct. The Committee is comprised of the Title IX Coordinator and six members of the faculty and staff. Members volunteer and serve for three-year terms. The current members are:

  • Interim Title IX Coordinator Jackie Moran (standing member)
  • Sherri Donnelly (standing member)
  • Patrick Connors
  • Melissa Breger
  • Keith Hirokawa
  • Lauren Mineau
  • Andrea Wedler

Any Harassment Committee members who participate in the resolution of a Title IX complainant must receive training in their role. Harassment Committee members have taken courses through the SUNY Student Conduct Institute. Title IX courses offered by the Institute are available for review here. Additionally, the training transcripts for Harassment Committee members can be downloaded here.