Pathways Program

The purpose of the Pathways Program is to organize the student experience around a defined structure of curriculum, field placements, faculty advisors, alumni mentors, peer affinity groups, and professional development training consistent with the chosen pathway. Students can choose a variety of legal tracks through the school's traditional concentrations. For example, a student might take a course in international law while pursuing any of the Pathways. Albany Law School is committed to using its Opportunity Pathways to optimize our graduates’ competitive advantage and preparation to obtain employment in their chosen fields.

Pathways Structure

    • Students learn about Pathway opportunities at Orientation
    • Students are assigned faculty advisors and alumni mentors
    • Students join with peers and recent graduates in their pathway areas
    • Students pursue Pro Bono volunteer opportunities in the community
    • Students compete internally and externally in Moot Court competitions
    •  Course offerings ensure students gain skills for professional success
    •  Students experience Clinical and Field Placement opportunities, including full-time internships
    •  Students can choose among narrower Concentrations within a broader Pathway
    • Students can pursue Internships, Service Learning, and other experiences
    • Students can choose among numerous dual degree programs with partner schools
    • Students can pursue Certificate programs with partner schools
    • Career preparation can be focused around specific Pathways
    • Alumni mentors assigned to students based on Pathways
    • Students exposed to networks of alumni events and experiences for career and professional development aligned with Pathway
    • A supportive mentor is assigned according to Pathway
    • Alumni support organized around Pathways
    • First year students are assigned alumni mentors to guide them through the experience
    • Contact the Admissions office to connect with a graduate in your area who can answer your questions about Albany Law School
    • Alumni provide numerous internship opportunities and career counseling

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