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Scholarship Recipient Legac '10 Prefers One Goal at a Time

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Becoming a lawyer by the age of 30 has been Sita Legac's goal for years. Now, mere months shy of graduating with the rest of the Class of 2010, she continues to pursue her goal with unwavering enthusiasm, as well as a packed schedule.

Legac spends 20 hours a week at her internship with GE Energy, where she shifts frequently between tasks related to environmental law, tort law, property law and other areas. She also works as a teaching assistant for Professor Dorothy Hill's lawyering class and serves as an article editor for the Albany Government Law Review.

"There's always something to do," she said. "I find that having a full calendar is the best motivation."

She's also taking four classes this semester, including a bioethics seminar with Professor Alicia Ouellette. "I try to take different classes," she said, "classes in which I can have fun while learning something interesting that will ultimately benefit me in my career."

Legac, who has received the Staff Scholarship for the past two years, is applying a similarly diverse approach to her post-graduate job search.  Though she has a definite interest in environmental law, cultivated in part through her internship at GE, she is currently looking at general practice firms so that she can experience the full breadth of available legal fields.

"I want to make sure I keep looking until I find something that exactly fits with me," she said.

When asked of her goals after the law degree, she replied unequivocally: "I don't make a new goal until I achieve the one in front of me."