GVAA 713 Integrated Stategic Comm & Adv

Academic Year

Strategic communications practice and tactics have emerged and evolved as an essential element in government affairs and advocacy practices at every level of government. The allocation of resources is at the heart of debates taking place each day on national, state, and local stages. Advocacy campaigns touch on thousands of topics requiring a voice to be heard - traditionally pro or con -competing in an environment where other issues may overtake attention, interest, or action. The course will combine communications theory with practical and tangible communications strategy. Among the central elements of the course will be the importance of researching, planning, implementing, and evaluating circumstances to create a comprehensive plan and content that influences the policy dialogue and political discussions that lead to realizing organizational objectives. Knowledge of integrated communications and its effective application will prepare students to raise awareness, drive perception and make a critical difference in an evolving sector of government affairs and advocacy.