Art and Entertainment Law

Academic Year

This class is taught as a Problems Based Methods class. Students are assigned in groups to tackle practical, real-world problems related to Art and Entertainment Law. The substance of the problems differs from year to year, but problems will involve interacting with "clients" (people from within or outside the Law School who play the role of clients), other lawyers (from the community) and judges (from the community). Each week students are working on a particular problem with a goal to accomplishing a particular task, such as negotiating or drafting a contract, explaining concepts to a client, discussing legal issues with a potential client, undertaking fact investigations, making an oral argument on a motion, and other related tasks (we will obviously not have time to do each of these each semester, but a sampling of these tasks will be assigned). Class requirements include: participating fully in the assigned problems and exercises (including submitting any written work); observing and being observed by your group members and the instructor; maintaining a journal of your experiences and your reflections on them; working with law practice based software; working with those involved in the assigned problems as clients and lawyers.