Dear Students,

We recognize the uncertainty during this time can be stressful professionally and personally. As law students, you are all taught the importance of precedent and our current circumstances are, simply, unprecedented. In truth, we cannot know the future, and that ambiguity is unsettling. However, there are things we can all do to help us through each present-day and remain optimistic about the future.

First, try not to speculate about what employers will or will not do in the coming months. It is likely employers themselves do not yet know what future hiring decisions will look like. To date, our office has not learned of any employers rescinding offers, and employers are continuing with scheduled interviews remotely. Additionally, employers continue to sign up for our summer recruiting programs.

Second, we understand you may be concerned about finding a summer or post-graduate job. However, employers are not primarily focused on hiring right now. Instead, they are focused on rapidly changing business operations and on managing teams remotely. Recognizing that employers need time to adapt and allow for things to settle down, we will continue to post jobs as we receive them from employers and will share with you any information we receive from employers about changes to their anticipated hiring needs. It may help you to know that historically students find summer internships and law clerk positions through the middle of May. And, close to half of the graduating class finds post-graduate employment after the July bar exam. I encourage you to remain steadfast in your job search and question any information about the future of legal hiring that is not vetted or sourced directly from our hiring partners.

Third, you don't have to put everything career-related on hold. I choose to view the current circumstances as an opportunity to grow, develop new skills, and help others. Think about ways in which you can offer your services to your professional and personal community at this time. If you need some help identifying opportunities, please let us know.

Finally, we know that social distancing may be exacerbating this already stressful time for many of you. We are planning several Zoom get-togethers in the coming weeks that will allow us to see one another, talk about these experiences and brainstorm ideas for moving forward. Perhaps, collectively, we can do some future forecasting. 

Please reach out to any of us at the Career and Professional Development Center if you have any questions or simply want to connect.


Mary Walsh Fitzpatrick
Assistant Dean, Career and Professional Development Center