Albany Law Launches Pathways Program for Fall Students

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Albany Law School will launch its Opportunity Pathways program for the incoming fall class to help graduates prepare for careers in areas such as law, business, public interest and government. Led by faculty scholars and teachers committed to advancing law and justice, students will develop skills, knowledge and professional values to contribute to and lead in a global society.

The Pathways

The student experience will be organized around the six pathways -- Business, Tax and Financial Markets; Civil and Criminal Advocacy; Government, Policy and Public Service; Health; Innovation and Entrepreneurship; and Public Interest Law. 

Drawing on the school’s location, independence, and community, the Pathways are designed to inspire, support, and provide direction to students as they explore and pursue substantive areas. These Pathways will drive the mentor program, internships, course selection and culminate in professional pathways that connect students with employers and lifelong mentors.

The Law School will provide students a rich curriculum, clinical and field placement opportunities, faculty advisors, alumni mentors, peer affinity groups, and professional development training consistent with each Opportunity Pathway.

The Pathways identified for the fall will be assessed annually, and modified or replaced as needed, to ensure they are providing students with the most rigorous and effective academic program, and are placing our graduates in the best position to succeed after law school in light of the current realities of the profession and the job market.