Celebrating Black History Month - 2020

Black History Month

The Black Law Students Association (BLSA) and Albany Law School celebrated Black History Month with events throughout February.

BLSA kicked off the month with Hip Hop in the Foyer, and continued with a movie and trivia night and a Living Wax Museum, during which its members took on the roles of influential Black men and women throughout history.

Continuing a new tradition, BLSA capped off Black History Month with the second annual James Campbell Matthews Banquet.

“We celebrate Black History Month to recognize the contributions African Americans have made to counter the invisibility of Black people, challenge negative stereotypes, and confront bias and prejudice,” said then-BLSA president Georgia Sackey ’20. “Learning Black history provides an opportunity to hear the voices and experiences of historically marginalized people. It is important for all students to take the time to remember Black history, not only [in February], but always.”

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