CLN - Summer in Practice

Academic Year

Students who have completed their first year or two semesters of law school have a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in exceptional judicial, governmental and public interest offices for an intense summer semester-long placement experience. Under the direct supervision of highly experienced Supervising Attorney/Mentors, students participate in and conduct the legal work of their chosen office. Depending on the placement, students may be involved in witness interviewing, trial preparation, legal research and writing, drafting of opinions, fact investigation, depositions and conducting trials or hearings. Students participate in the related field placement class, and maintain a daily journal of their placement experiences, and meet periodically with the course instructor. HOW MANY CREDITS ARE AWARDED? Students earn five credits by workding a total of 212.5 hours at their placment over the course of the seven week summer term. WHAT ARE THE OTHER COURSE REQUIREMENTS? Students must register for the Summer in Practice class (one credit), attend a weekly class at Albany Law School, and ocmplete all assignments. Students are required to maintain daily reflective journals of their placement experiences and submit the journals weekly to the course instructor; track their time at their placement and submit weekly time sheets; and complete other faculty directed assignments and meetings. Students with placements away from the Capital District may attend the class by distance technology. WHO IS ELIGIBLE? All students who have completed their first year or two semesters of law school by the beginning of summer session are eligible to participate in this program. Applicants will need to interview with and be accepted by a participating employer.