Student Report of Absence

Complete this form in order to document future/past absences for any reason along with providing any appropriate documentation.

This form will be submitted to the Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. This form will be kept on file as a record of your reasons for missing class(es).

In the event that you exceed your maximum allowable absences for any class, this form may help the Dean work with you to formulate a plan to avoid dismissal.

If you have any questions about Albany Law School’s attendance policy, you can review the complete policy in the Student Handbook or on the Student Affairs page of the Albany Law web portal.

Your Name
You MUST include a reason for your absence. For multiple dates use separate lines.

By signing this form, I acknowledge I have received, read and understand Albany Law School’s Attendance policy, and understand I am to adhere to the ABA accreditation standards. I hereby certify that the information contained in this document is true and correct and understand that I am subject to disciplinary proceedings if any information contained herein is false or inaccurate.

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