1L Volunteer Opportunities

First Year Law Students (1Ls) have limited ways to enhance their resumes in preparation of applying to firms next summer. Moot Court offers a professional network to first year law students to add to their legal resume, and allows first year law students a unique view into the competitions they can enter in their second and third years. This fall, there are three competitions that you can volunteer in. See the information below to learn more, and apply to volunteer.

The Moot Court Program’s competitions are judged by local attorneys and judges. Volunteering in our competitions is a great opportunity to meet local legal professionals. When possible, we like to help with networking by assigning 1L volunteers with competition judges that work in a field of interest to the volunteer. Please indicate any legal fields you may be interested in.

Spring Semester Competition Information

The Moot Court Program hosts 3 competitions in the Spring Semester, each requiring Bailiffs to assist in running the competitions and trials. Bailiffs call the court to order, keep track of time, and escort competitors and help prevent disqualifying behaviors. This semester, we are only soliciting volunteers to serve as Bailiffs.

The Gabrielli Appellate Advocacy Competition sees 2L law students advocating for either the respondent or petitioner in an appeals court setting. The Morse Negotiations Competition hosts two teams negotiating over terms of contracts, employment deals, custody arrangements, and many other common disputes. During the Gabrielli Family Law Competition, the Moot Court Program welcomes law students from around the country to argue in an appeals court setting regarding a family court matter previously disposed of in state family court.

Volunteer as a Bailiff!

The following dates are the dates of all of the various rounds of the competitions we hold.

  1. Please select every date that you are able to volunteer for.
  2. Unless otherwise stated, the volunteer time starts at 6PM
  3. Upon applying to volunteer, a Competition Chair or Competition Associate will reach out to you to discuss a schedule of volunteering in more detail.

Please select all dates below that you are available to assist us in. You will not be scheduled for all selected dates, however selecting as many dates as you are available allows us to easily schedule all of the volunteers. Before your volunteer schedule is finalized, a member of our Competitions Team will be in contact with you to confirm your schedule! All times, except for March 1 and March 2, are exclusively in the evening. With any questions, please contact the Moot Court Program at mootcourt@albanylaw.edu. One of our Competition Chairs or Competition Associates will promptly address any questions you may have! Thank you for volunteering to assist the Moot Court Program!

Volunteer Dates