1L Volunteer Opportunities

First Year Law Students (1Ls) have limited ways to enhance their resumes in preparation of applying to firms next summer. Moot Court offers a professional network to first year law students to add to their legal resume, and allows first year law students a unique view into the competitions they can enter in their second and third years. This fall, there are three competitions that you can volunteer in. See the information below to learn more, and apply to volunteer.

What roles are you interested in volunteering for?

Volunteer Information

The following dates are the dates of all of the various rounds of the competitions we hold.

  1. Please select every date that you are able to volunteer for.
  2. Unless otherwise stated, the volunteer time starts at 6PM
  3. Upon applying to volunteer, a Competition Chair or Competition Associate will reach out to you to discuss a schedule of volunteering in more detail.

Thank you for your interest in the Moot Court Program! We are appreciative of and look forward to your assistance this semester! 

Senior Prize Trials

Competition Chair: Joseph A. Anias '24

Volunteers for the Senior Prize Trials Competition will serve as jurors, witnesses, or bailiffs.  Each round, competitors argue in front of a judge and jury. While the judge makes the ultimate decision as to which team will win the round, the jury is important for the competitors to properly conduct a trial.  The jury will still deliberate and choose who they believe would win the outcome of the case.  Bailiffs are responsible for time keeping.  They will keep track of time for both teams pursuant to the rules and guidelines the Moot Court Program provides.  Competing teams are in need of witnesses, as well.  If a team cannot find an individual to act as a witness, the team will often ask the Moot Court Board for help.  In such circumstances, 1Ls are also eligible to volunteer to act as witnesses for those teams. 

Senior Prize Trial Dates

Client Counseling Competition

Competition Chair: Justin M. Aragosa (Dec. '24)

Volunteers for the Client Counseling Competition will act as clients. Volunteers will be provided a fact pattern which will describe the client they will act as when questioned by competing teams. Each round, competing teams will try to learn what the client's legal issues are through questions/conversations with the client.

Client Counseling Competition Dates

Collegiate Competition

Competition Chair: Colin Baker '25

The Moot Court Program welcomes the American Moot Court Association in hosting their Collegiate Competition. Colleges from around the nation send students to compete at law schools in simplified appellate mock trial programs. This year, the competition held at Albany Law School will feature 24 teams from around the country. The Board will require volunteers to help organize all of the student-competitors, judges, and student coaches around the building for this two-day competition.

Collegiate Competition Dates