Razzano '14 and Wetmore '14 Win Client Counseling Competition

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Razzano, center, and Wetmore, right, engage a client during the final round of competition

Brittiny Razzano '14 and Michael Wetmore '14 won the Donna Jo Morse Client Counseling Competition and will go on to represent Albany Law School at the ABA Client Counseling Regional Competition in February.

Donielle Maier '15 and Matthew St. Martin '15 placed second in the annual competition.

Razzano and Wetmore in the semifinal round

The Client Counseling competition simulates a law office consultation, and competitors are expected to interview and advise the client, elicit relevant information, outline the problem and propose a solution.

The Donna Jo Morse Client Counseling Competition chair is Nicholas Davoli '14 and the competition associate is Calee Oas '14. Volunteers from all three class years participated as clients, and Professor Hill and Professor Rock served as advisors.

Davoli, left, and Oas, competition organizers

Each year, more than 200 students take part in Albany Law's Anthony V. Cardona '70 Moot Court Program, directed this year by David Galin '14. The students compete in several national competitions, and also host dozens of teams from law schools around the country for the annual Domenick L. Gabrielli Family Law Competition.