Hubbell '14 Successfully Balances Family, Work and School

Hubbell '14 Successfully Balances Family, Work and School

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Daniel Hubbell ‘14 balances raising two daughters, ages four and five, with full-time work as a commercial real estate appraiser and three or four classes a semester at Albany Law School. The recipient of the Class of 1983 Scholarship, he is enrolled in the law school's four-year J.D. program.

Hubbell recalled, “When I came home from my first day of law school, my five-year-old daughter said, ‘Where’s your craft? They had no craft-time on the first day?’”

Hubbell soon settled into a regular schedule, rising at 6:00 a.m. to feed and dress the girls before dropping them off at preschool, then heading to the gym for 30 minutes before working until noon. He attends class from noon to 4:00 p.m., and then heads home to the kids for bath, feeding, reading and bed.

There were a few exceptions to the schedule.

“The night before finals, I made it clear that they have to stay in bed,” Hubbell said, adding that he regularly explained his contract class to his daughters because it helped him retain the information by reducing the lesson into toddler-friendly concepts.

Hubbell's appraisal work involves a lot of legal work, which he pays law firms to perform. A law degree with his expertise would benefit his current employer by keeping the legal work in-house, he said, or he can seek a position with a law firm in his field of expertise.

“As a father, I know why I’m doing this," Hubbell said. "The motivation is right there in front of me – they sit across from me at the dinner table every night.”