Hitti '13 Drawn to Litigation through Field Placement

| 4/5/2013 | Facebook | Twitter | Email

Edward Hitti '13 is spending part of his final law school semester as an intern in the Real Property Bureau of the New York State Office of the Attorney General.

"This field placement has really opened my eyes to the challenge and appeal of litigation," said Hitti, who plans to take the New York state civil service exam in addition to the bar exam. "It's not just a case in a book anymore; I've watched attorneys argue points in the courtroom that I've researched and developed."

The Attorney General's Real Property Bureau assists state agencies with any transaction related to real property, including investigating titles, clearing liens and preparing deeds and other closing documents. The Real Property Bureau also handles all of the state's eminent domain cases and court proceedings related to public land disputes.

A Clinton, N.Y., native, Hitti attended Utica College and earned a B.A. in government and politics before coming to Albany Law School.

"I've always enjoyed the process of picking apart an idea and understanding both sides of any given argument," said Hitti, noting that he enjoys classes with professors who are particularly adept with the Socratic method.

He continued, "There are many things I can see myself doing after law school, from public policy to real estate, but my interest in interpreting, arguing and potentially refining the law will remain constant."