Class Attends U.S. Supreme Court Arguments

Class Attends U.S. Supreme Court Arguments

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Students from Professor Stephen Gottlieb's U.S. Supreme Court Watch class recently took a trip to the country's highest court in Washington, D.C. The class witnessed three arguments during their visit..

From left, Ashley Smith, Damoun Ahmadi, Oren Haymovits, Bertha Rodriguez, Professor Gottlieb, Ben Thapa, Alima Atoui and Seamus Keating.

Also as part of the class, Professor Gottlieb assigns each student to play the role of a specific justice at a simulated post-argument case conference.

The course focuses on Supreme Court cases not yet argued; the students are required to analyze the work of each justice and address a forthcoming issue using the established jurisprudence of their assigned judge.

The class culminates in a presentation of a final paper on the student's assigned judge.​​