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Ramirez Charting Career Success in Cybersecurity with Albany Law School Online Graduate Programs

Leo Ramirez

By Darian Quinn
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In the evolving cybersecurity landscape, Leo Ramirez stands out as his legal knowledge of the field grows. Leveraging his course work as an M.S. in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy student at Albany Law School has had a positive contribution to his career growth.

Ramirez is the Principal Technical Specialist for Compliance at Microsoft. His journey into the intricate legalities of data privacy was sparked by listening to organizations growing demands for experts in data privacy and data protection. Additionally, Terence Jackson, his manager at the time, had recently completed Albany Law School’s advanced certificate program in the same area of study.

When Ramirez heard about Jackson’s experience in the program and how he was able to balance career, family, and schoolwork, he thought it was something he could pursue as well. 
Working in a highly technical role, Ramirez helps organizations secure and manage their data. His primary responsibility is customer-focused, helping them meet their use cases for classifying, categorizing, and protecting their sensitive data. While he excelled at the technical aspects, Ramirez felt he needed to better understand the customer's point of view, specifically their needs to meet regulatory compliance standards and adhere to industry frameworks.  

While Ramirez progresses through his coursework, he has found he can more effectively meet his customers’ needs when he can "stand in their shoes." He says, "Now that I am working closely with cybersecurity and data privacy executives, having a deeper understanding of their goals helps me get closer to the problem." Ramirez has found this to be invaluable in his role.

Finding the time is one of the most significant challenges of returning to school as a working professional with a family. Ramirez has found that with the program's flexibility, he can find the time that works best for him to get his work done. And that time happens to be an early morning start. Ramirez carves out a 5:00 AM time slot each day to study, noting that he gets good results as long as he stays committed. But even when, at times, life causes minor derailments, his professors have been flexible and understanding in getting him back on track. 

Ramirez 's success story encapsulates the essence of lifelong learning and the value of bridging technical expertise with legal knowledge. Ramirez exemplifies the caliber of professionals Albany Law School aims to cultivate—innovative, knowledgeable, and forward-thinking.


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