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Online Master's Program A Perfect Fit to Advance Brown-Royer's Career

Alison Brown-Royer

By Lauren Mineau
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Alison Brown-Royer was ready to advance her career.

As an operations analyst, she was exposed to strategic decisions with legal ramifications.

After being in the industry for some time, she wanted to get an advanced degree but had to optimize her time. When she found Albany Law School's Financial Compliance and Risk Management master's degree, she jumped right in. It was very convenient and flexible, she said.

“I wanted to see the big picture and understand the legal frameworks of the financial industry which govern financial processes. After being in the industry for some time I wanted to get a specialized degree to gain insights into how the laws effectuate the processes in order to gain a holistic view of how the industry operates. This led me to Albany Law School,” she said.  

“I jumped right in as I believe in any process it was necessary to understand the risk and frameworks to formulate a mitigation strategy. Learning ins and outs of the laws is definitely worthwhile.”

The courses offered under this program are well structured and tailored to achieve her goals, she said.



Interested in Financial Compliance and Risk Management?

Our program is designed to provide financial services professionals with the knowledge and skills to navigate the rapidly evolving industry. With financial technology, the blockchain, the gig economy, and big tech's continued growth, corporations need regulatory- and policy-minded professionals now more than ever!

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The rigorous program brings together the basics of compliance and risk management with real-world examples woven into the coursework.

“As working professionals, we all had different experiences to share. The professors also brought in examples that were so relevant. I see the same kinds of examples every day in my role,” she said.

Professor Joseph Suich’s Chief Compliance Officer: Advanced Issues and Compliance Officer: Risk Management/Compliance courses were two standouts for Brown-Royer.

Suich currently works in the New York State Department of Public Service as the Director of the Office of Investigations and Enforcement. His courses provide students with basic building blocks to build, support, and lead a risk-based compliance program as well as a survey of today's "must know" compliance laws, cases and policies and develop a programmatic application to prevent, detect and respond to compliance risks.

Having the program focus on specifics within compliance law made Albany Law’s program standout to Brown-Royer. She was thrilled to find a degree program tailored to her specific needs.

“As a person balancing a full-time job and family, when you make the decision to go back to school, it’s for a specific reason,” Brown-Royer said. “Additionally, as a finance professional, the cost is a factor as well. Albany Law’s programs are affordable and structured extremely well.”



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Alison Brown-Royer