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Online Graduate Program Student Jane Judge Selected as 2023 Westin Scholar

Jane Judge

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Jane Judge has found Albany Law School’s online Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Master’s Program to be an ideal fit for her desire to be a lifetime learner and working professional.

For more than 25 years, Judge has worked in information technology (IT) for diverse industries including utility, retail, entertainment, media and most recently technology services. Her main expertise is designing and executing Technology and Enterprise Program Management Offices (PMO).

“I started in the utility industry, which is engineering oriented, for the electric and gas distribution systems. Complex and challenging. Next, I entered into the retail industry which is focused on supply chain and customer satisfaction. Sadly, we learned during COVID how fragile and how targeted a supply chain can be,” she said.

Judge always seeks new ways to learn – both informal and formal. “ One thing I observed in the different organizations is a tendency to bring in the cyber security concepts, needs, and experts too late in the project and product life cycle. There's always a need for cyber security to be aligned with any project.” she said. “If not, there will be re-work when the needs are identified at the later stages of the project.”


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“The online Graduate students in the Albany Law Program vary in career level, industry, location, and experience,” she said. “Learning from others—in class or through other avenues—has added to the magic of the overall experience. The diversity of the students in the online discussion groups bring together a fantastic wealth of knowledge from the students and the professors.”
“The professors are fabulous, accessible and focused on student success. They’ll send out webinars or talks that are going on, so we can  opt into if available. I've also joined some of the law school lectures that just looked interesting because you hear very different perspectives. One of our professors had us listen to a Moot Court competition, and it was really enlightening,” she said. “That's definitely a unique advantage to have when getting a Master’s in cybersecurity through Albany Law School.”

Judge looked at a few programs, but Albany Law School’s offering of cybersecurity with access to legal concepts and experts was the right fit.

“The program has been challenging and rewarding. When you start at a new school, you have to adjust to new tools for learning and management. Albany has great tutorials and support. The Administration Support service for the program get high marks from the registration to the billing to the grade reporting,” she said.

Judge was recently selected as a 2022-23 recipient of the Westin Scholar Award, a scholarship to support students who are identified by their professors as future leaders in the field of privacy or data protection.

In March, Judge started a new role as VP Program Management Office at the Center for Internet Security.


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Jane Judge