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CSDP Student Tony Ogden Finds Program “Seamless” Transition to Support Cybersecurity Job

Tony Ogden

By Lauren Mineau
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Albany Law School Online Graduate Programs Cybersecurity and Data Privacy LL.M. student Tony Ogden knows how important a rock-solid cybersecurity infrastructure is.

Now, he’s sharing that knowledge as President - Governance, Risk Management, Compliance with Silent Quadrant, a digital protection agency.
The role—which he started in June—directly aligns with his Albany Law coursework and builds on years of experience.

“It's seamless. The work I do in my courses translates directly into the work I’m doing in the office and vice versa. There's this tremendous intersection of experience and knowledge that plays well in both places in a very practical way,” he said. “This is an environment where you can learn so well with your colleagues. They are always there to support, encourage, and grow alongside you.”

Ogden lives in Oregon and after looking around at programs across the country, he found the fully online, asynchronous format to be a perfect fit.

“Being able to log in and complete coursework from where I am was a big factor in my choice,” “But the extremely practical approach to the programs overall really can’t be overstated.”

Previously, Ogden was Chief Legal & Administrative Officer with Bates Group LLC, and directed legal, governance, compliance, enterprise risk management, and cybersecurity initiatives.
His new role with Silent Quadrant builds on this experience but gives him a chance to work on the best solution for individual clients. He wasn’t necessarily looking for a new role, he said, but after getting acquainted with the company and talking with his now-colleagues, they all saw a great opportunity.

“The part of governance and law that I enjoy most is the problem-solving. In cybersecurity, that means helping clients find solutions that are going to be effective, finding those solutions that are going to take them to the next level, and finding those solutions that will allow them to meet their objectives and to do so in a safe and secure environment,” he said.

Providing custom solutions means he needs a deep and current knowledge base.

“Cybersecurity isn't a finite area of the law or policy. It is evolving constantly and there are so many aspects to consider. I think that's one of the things that has been eye opening with the program—it has helped expand my mindset beyond expectations,” he said. “There are new and emerging issues in cybersecurity and data privacy almost daily. In my classes, we’re always sharing and discussing relevant news that influences both my professional and academic work.”

Ogden has experience across several sectors—government, private industry, litigation—but he’s finding this current combination to be the best one yet.
“I’ve come to realize in over 25 years of professional experience, I think I have finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up,” he said.



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Tony Ogden