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Attorney in Puerto Rico Chooses Albany Law for LL.M

EdRaúl Colón

By Shannon Gorman
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EdRaúl Colón LL.M. ‘22 studied law at the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, interning with a law firm in Ponce, the District Attorney’s office in Guayama, and the Puerto Rico Court of Appeals in San Juan. After receiving his Juris Doctor in 2018, he worked for a law firm in San Juan before joining the Johnston Law Group, a San Francisco-based firm that represents people injured by pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices, in September 2019.

He decided to pursue additional education in cybersecurity and health care law, and enrolled in Albany Law School’s Albany Law School's Online Graduate Programs to earn his LL. M.. We recently connected with Colón, who resides in Salinas, PR, to hear about his online degree experience.

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Q: What drew you to Albany Law’s LL.M. program?
A: I looked at various law schools and inquired about their LL.M. programs. After reviewing a handful of universities, Albany Law stood out from the rest. The way their courses are designed and how the program is structured caught my interest. I also found it fascinating that their program was well-ranked for having a flexible environment.

Additionally, Albany Law was the only institution I saw that would allow me to combine two concentrations in an LL.M. Not only did I think of the competitive advantage but also that having additional knowledge in these two areas, Health Law and Cybersecurity, could help me serve my community better in Puerto Rico. I decided to take up the challenge of a dual concentration.

Q: How did the program work with your schedule?
A: Albany Law's rankings in flexibility and innovation aren't just for show. They offer an excellent experience for students from start to finish. Although the course design is at a graduate level, professors are incredibly accessible and offer opportunities to adjust your schedule when necessary. As I started and completed the program while a full-time attorney at the Johnston Law Group, this was essential for me.

Q: How did you find the support from faculty?
A: The faculty at Albany really help enforce the school's overall vision of quality, flexible, and student-friendly education. Through both the Cybersecurity and Health Law programs, I encountered dedicated professionals who demonstrated how much they loved to pass on their knowledge to others, and use various technological tools to ensure that students get the best out of each course.

As with any graduate-level program, the work is complex, but the faculty make the experience enjoyable and help you reach the next level in professional development. It is also worth mentioning that staff are open to understanding difficult situations, and the school really works with you to help you reach your goals.



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Q: What content did you find particularly interesting or valuable?
A: One of the aspects I really enjoyed about Albany Law's program was that the courses are not just theoretical. Compliance, cybersecurity frameworks, and many other courses apply the theory to practical exercises that help us grasp complex topics in a real-world way.

I remember my first course in the cybersecurity field with adjunct Professor Amy Apostol. She opened the door into this new field of law for me by educating me on public policy's role in cybersecurity. She did a fantastic job helping us understand complicated legal issues within the cybersecurity realm and the privacy concerns that come with it. Her professional background made her an excellent resource for us, and her dedication to us students confirmed that Albany was a great choice for study.

On the health law side, Melissa Zambri ‘98 really made an impact on how I view the field. Her experience as counsel made her the perfect person to instruct us on complex matters surrounding HIPAA and health care compliance. Her dedication to students and availability to answer questions were true treasures. In her courses, I started to feel the connection between the cybersecurity and health law fields. Seeing how the two areas intertwine when considering issues related to electronic health care records, telehealth, and HIPAA compliance was genuinely fascinating.

Q: How has the program helped you in your work?
A: I currently work in mass torts, specifically the pharmaceutical area. Therefore, having a solid base in health law helps me better grasp issues of law in my line of work. And considering that mass torts involve a wide array of legal matters, it is only a question of time when cybersecurity will intertwine with pharmaceutical products and we need to understand how both areas relate.

Puerto Rico did not have a LL.M. program in health law until recently, and none of the institutions on the island offer one in cybersecurity and data privacy. I definitely see this as an opportunity for personal growth and to serve an extended client base in the future.

Q: Would you recommend this program to other lawyers?
A: If you are looking for a program that helps you further your professional growth in an innovative field while studying in a student-oriented environment, then Albany Law School is for you. They treat students as individuals, not just numbers.

The law school works with you to plan a course schedule that fits your particular needs and goals and together with the accessibility of excellent faculty and staff, Albany Law School is a great choice for working professionals. Any attorney that works or intends to work in the health care or tech field should consider Albany Law Schools Online Graduate Programs.


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EdRaúl Colón