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Professor Renuart to Advise American Law Institute Project

Professor Elizabeth Renuart

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Professor Elizabeth Renuart was invited to serve as an adviser for the American Law Institute's project on "Restatement Third, The Law of Consumer Contracts."

The American Law Institute drafts and then publishes various restatements of the law and proposals for legal reform. This specific new project will largely follow the structure of the Restatement Second of Contracts, focusing on aspects of the law unique to consumer contracts and on regulatory techniques that are prominently applied in consumer protection law. It will cover both common law and statutory and regulatory law, with a focus on common regulatory techniques and examples from specific statutes and regulations.

Before joining the law school, Professor Renuart was an attorney with the National Consumer Law Center (NCLC) in the organization's Boston office, focusing on predatory lending, Truth in Lending, consumer credit issues and sustainable homeownership issues. Prior to joining the NCLC in 1996, she was the managing attorney of a legal services program in Baltimore that provided representation to homeowners in danger of losing their homes.

While at the NCLC, Professor Renuart co-authored two of the organization's treatises, Truth in Lending and The Cost of Credit: Regulation and Legal Challenges. She is also the author of Stop Predatory Lending: A Guide for Legal Advocates.​

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