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Professor Mamaysky: Bringing Practice to the Classroom

Isaac Mamaysky

By Lauren Mineau
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Isaac Mamaysky’s work is constantly evolving. In addition to his role as an adjunct professor at Albany Law School, Mamaysky is a partner in Potomac Law Group PLLC, a national corporate law firm, where he provides advice and counsel to management teams, human resources professionals, and in-house attorneys across industries regarding various employment law, HR, and business law matters. Mamaysky regularly researches and writes about workplace trends in both academic and practitioner journals. His two most recent articles, which appeared in Bloomberg Law, explore the employment law implications of remote work.

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Mamaysky also brings his experience to two courses in Albany Law School’s Human Resources: Law, Leadership, and Policy Program. His classes focus on the intersection of employment law, human resources, and management.

“In the Online Graduate Programs, the professors are practitioners. We practice within the areas we teach,” he said. “My goal in every class is to provide students with practice-oriented skills that they can immediately apply in their own work. It gives them a practical foundation to grow and contribute to their workplace.”



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While the professors in the Human Resources: Law, Leadership, and Policy Program are practitioners, so are the students.

“It’s fantastic to have a (virtual) classroom filled with people who have such significant expertise. When you have a class of practicing attorneys and experienced HR professionals—some of whom have been out in the business world for 20 or 30 years—it's a tremendous learning experience for all involved. Every student is a teacher,” he said. “And, needless to say, the students build an invaluable professional network with their peers.”

Mamaysky’s course, Workplace Ethics and Compliance, is a living, breathing example of modern trends in the workplace.

“The pandemic has led to a tectonic shift in the modern workplace,” Mamaysky explained. “The post-pandemic workplace is one in which more employees work from home more of the time.” It was not lost on Mamaysky that our interview was conducted by Zoom. “Consider this conversation,” he went on. “You’re sitting in Albany, I’m sitting outside Manhattan, and we’re having this interview as if we’re in the same room. That’s the future of work. In some ways, it’s also the future of higher education.”

Mamaysky’s other course, Workforce Recruitment, Development, and Retention, takes a deep dive into the lifecycle of an employee from the moment they inquire about a job posting to the time they leave the company.

“We explore the entire employment relationship from start to end, including onboarding, training, promotions, compensation, and ultimately, departure, whether it's through retirement, a new opportunity, or another reason entirely,” he said. “We explore each phase of this lifecycle from an employment law standpoint. It’s a fun class to teach, and students have told me that it’s directly applicable to their careers.”

Mamaysky explains that the pandemic-driven shift to remote work is also playing out in higher education. “Consider Albany Law School’s Online Graduate Programs. The classes are asynchronous and flexible, so students in any time zone with any schedule can continue their education.”

“Students—without being geographically bound, without having to attend daytime classes during work hours, while being able to juggle family life and busy careers—can earn that advanced degree that they’ve always wanted,” he said. “They can build knowledge in a whole new area of practice. Previously, furthering their education would have meant sitting in a physical classroom at a local university. That’s often impossible for busy professionals. Asynchronous online education opens new worlds for them; they can study on their own time and on their own schedule, while connecting with students and faculty across the country. It’s an honor to be part of the program.”


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