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Professor Harrington Scholarship Includes South Africa Conference

Professor Alexandra Harrington

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Professor Alexandra Harrington has had a flurry of activity recently, lining up a series of presentations at academic conferences and placing several law journal articles. She was also appointed to the Program Committee for the Association of Law, Property and Society, as well as a legal research fellow for the Centre for International Sustainable Development Law.

Along with her research assistant, Nicole Camuti '13, Professor Harrington will present a paper, "The Future Implications of Recent Free Trade Agreements and Intellectual Property Rights," at the Conference on International Aspects of Intellectual Property Law at Arizona State University on Dec. 1, 2012. The conference, sponsored by the American Society of International Law's Intellectual Property Law Interest Group and the International Law Association (American Branch), will focus on cross-border elements of international intellectual property law.

In February 2013, in Portland, Ore., Professor Harrington will deliver a presentation on “Private Property and Climate Change: The Impact of Uninhabitable Territory on Domestic and International Property Regimes” at the 7th International Conference on Planning, Law, and Property Rights. She will travel to South Africa in March 2013 to deliver a talk on “Entrenching Disputes: The Potential Role of the WTO Dispute Settlement Body in Entrenching African States in the International Trade System” at the Second African International Economic Law Network Conference.

Among Professor Harrington’s forthcoming publications:

  • Life as We Know It: The Expansion of the Right to Life Under the Jurisprudence of the Inter-American Court, forthcoming in the Loyola of Los Angeles International & Comparative Law Review (2013)

  • Conflicting Trends: Lessons from Current Evaluative Mechanisms in International and Regional Anti-Corruption Systems Regarding Conflicts of Interest, forthcoming in the George Mason Journal of International Commercial Law (2013)

  • 'The voice crying out in the wilderness': The Inter-American Court of Human Rights as the Modern Voice of Montesinos' Legacy, forthcoming in Dana Aspinall ed., Montesinos' Legacy: Defining and Defending Human Rights for 500 Years (2013)

Professor Harrington's research and writing focuses on all facets of international law, and she has presented her work at academic conferences around the world. Since joining the Albany Law School faculty, she has taught classes in international child rights, international organizations and public international law, as well as a professional responsibility seminar.

Most recently Professor Harrington was the Pilarcyzk Fellow in Graduate Legal Methodology Teaching at the McGill University Faculty of Law, where she also held several other scholarships and fellowships. Her doctoral thesis work at McGill addresses the impact of territorial anomalies on the international system and modern theories of statehood and sovereignty.

She has also served as a professor at the University of Montreal Centre d’Etudes et de Recherches Internationales summer programs and as a consultant to the Commission for Environmental Cooperation of the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation.

Professor Harrington worked in private practice before pursuing her LL.M. in International Law from Albany Law School. While she worked toward her J.D. at Albany Law, she served as Professor Timothy Lytton's research assistant and also served as the editor-in-chief of the Albany Law Journal of Science & Technology.

Alexandra Harrington