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Latest Scholarship Examines Impact of Ashcroft v. Iqbal on Civil Rights Cases

Professor Raymond Brescia

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Professor Raymond Brescia's article, "The Iqbal Effect: The Impact of New Pleadings Standards in Employment and Housing Discrimination Litigation," originally published in the Kentucky Law Journal, has generated significant attention among legal scholars and civil rights advocates.

Most recently, the SCOTUSblog invited Professor Brescia to author a guest post highlighting his research on Aschcroft v. Iqbal, as well as the related case Bell Atlantic v. Twombly, and his analysis of the implications of these two cases on contemporary civil rights cases.

A frequent author and media resource on issues such as the sub-prime mortgage crises, banking practices, and legal housing issues, Professor Brescia also maintains the blog "The Future of Change: Blogging at the Intersection of Social Innovation, Social Movements and Social Change."

Professor Brescia was a visiting professor at Yale Law School, his alma mater, for the spring 2012 semester. During the semester, he was part of a team that measured how well banks in the city responded to consumer and community needs, with a focus on home loans. The resulting report card is designed to apply to communities around the country, thereby better informing consumers of available banking options at a local level.

Ray Brescia