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Latest Article Examines Body Modification and Adolescents

Alicia Ouellette ’94

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Professor Alicia Ouellette's latest article, "Body Modification and Adolescent Decision Making: Proceed with Caution" will be published soon by the University of Maryland School of Law's Journal of Health Care Law & Policy.

Professor Ouellette, who is also the law school's associate dean for student affairs and a professor of bioethics at the Union Graduate College/Mt. Sinai School of Medicine Program in Bioethics, also has a column titled “Organ Transplantation and Disability Discrimination" that will be printed in the spring edition of the Lahey Clinic Journal of Medical Ethics.

A leading scholar in the field of bioethics, Professor Ouellette recently published the book Bioethics and Disability: Toward a Disability-Conscious Bioethics, which takes on the tension between disability rights scholars and bioethicists, and she is in the process of co-editing the definitive Cambridge Dictionary of Bioethics.

She has been published widely throughout her career in academic journals such as the American Journal of Law and Medicine, Hastings Center Report, American Journal of Bioethics, Houston Journal of Health Law, Indiana Law Journal and Oregon Law Review.

Prior to joining the Albany Law faculty, Professor Ouellette served as an assistant solicitor general in the New York State Attorney General’s office, briefing and arguing more than 100 appeals on issues ranging from termination of treatment for the terminally ill to the responsibility of gun manufacturers for injuries caused by handguns. She also worked in private practice and served as a confidential law clerk to Judge Howard A. Levine on the New York State Court of Appeals.

Alicia Ouellette