Faculty Spotlight

Halpern Again to Deliver Lectures in Europe



Over the next month, Professor Sheldon Halpern will deliver two lectures in Great Britain: one on fair use in American copyright law as it relates to fair dealing in U.K. copyright law at Queen Mary University College of Law in London; and the other on "The American Revolution in Libel Law and the UK Response to It: 'Libel Tourism' and Liberal Reform" at the University of Edinburgh Law School.

He is frequently invited overseas to speak on U.S. copyright issues. Recently he was in Israel to speak at a seminar for 30 Israeli judges examining Israel's new copyright statute. 

And this year he helped publish the INTERNATIONAL ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (United States Volume) rev., (part of Kluwer's INTERNATIONAL ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF LAW) (Kluwer Law International) (with Nard and Port).

Professor Halpern joined Albany Law School in the fall of 2005 as the Hon. Harold R. Tyler Jr. Chair in Law & Technology. Before that he had been a professor at The Ohio State University since 1984 and the C. William O'Neill Professor of Law and Judicial Administration since 2001. He has authored several books and publications and directed a series of interdisciplinary conferences exploring the impact of technology on law. Before joining academia, Prof. Halpern practiced law in New York and Minnesota. Halpern received his undergraduate degree from Cornell University and graduated first in his class at Cornell Law School.