Callahan Leveraging Albany Law’s Master of Science for Advocacy Career Growth

Maura Callahan


Maura Callahan, a 2023 graduate of Albany Law School's online Master of Science in Government Affairs and Advocacy program, has experienced a year of growth as she embarks on a rewarding career. Reflecting on her journey from Siena College to Albany Law School and, ultimately, her current role as a Government Affairs Coordinator for the Food Industry Alliance of New York State, Callahan highlights the impact of her academic experiences on her professional life.

Callahan discovered a love for advocacy while at Siena College, where she majored in political science and minored in women's gender studies. With guidance from her mentor, she became more involved on campus in hands-on opportunities to make a difference for other students. This early exposure to advocacy set the stage for her future studies at Albany Law School.

Choosing Albany Law for her master's program was a pivotal decision for Callahan. "I knew the JD path was always going to be an option, but the idea of jumping right into something activism-focused was the first time I was really excited about something post-grad. I thought that I should take that and run with it," she noted. The program's structure and its network-building opportunities were crucial in her development, she said.

One of the program's standout features for Callahan was its practical, hands-on approach to learning. The coursework, which involved writing hypothetical memos of support and opposition and receiving feedback from professors acting as bosses, prepared her for the real-world challenges she now faces. This practical training has been instrumental in her success.

Callahan frequently references how the relevance of her coursework prepared her for her current role. Her recent work involved lobbying for the 2024 New York State budget, and she notes, "I had a class that examined the 2022-2023 [New York State] budget as it was happening. The budget is often really late, so when I was actually putting it into practice and working on lobbying for the budget, I knew that it was going to be late." 

Callahan's advice to her younger self highlights the importance of having confidence as you grow professionally. "Stop second-guessing all of the hard work that you have done. There's a reason you are being given the platform that you are. Use it to your advantage," she advised. 

As she continues to grow in her career, Callahan looks back on her academic journey with appreciation. "The knowledge and experience I gained during my time at Albany Law have directly influenced my effectiveness and confidence in my current role; it is really validating and rewarding to see things that I really, truly care about making a difference for people,” Callahan concluded.


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