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Zaid's Yale Exhibit Featured by ABA Journal

Mark Zaid '92

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Mark Zaid '92 recently curated the exhibit "Superheroes in Court! Lawyers, Law and Comic Books" at Yale's Lillian Goldman Law Library to show the close connection between the law and comic books throughout the past century.

In an interview with the ABA Journal, Zaid said that, "The way comic books are created had legal origins. The way comic books were distributed, the way they were written-all of that was shaped by the law."

Most of the comic books in the exhibition come from Zaid's personal collection, and include storylines such as Superman on trial for murder. Another comic book on display is stamped as court's evidence after an intellectual property dispute.

Zaid, who is based in Washington, D.C., specializes in litigation and lobbying on matters relating to international transactions, torts and crimes, national security, foreign sovereign and diplomatic immunity, defamation and the Freedom of Information/Privacy Acts.

He often represents former and current federal employees, intelligence and military officers, whistleblowers and others who have grievances or have been wronged by agencies of the U.S. or foreign governments, as well as members of the media.

Zaid has testified before, or provided testimony to, a variety of governmental bodies, including the Senate Judiciary Committee, the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, the House Judiciary Committee, the House Government Operations Committee, the Department of Energy, the Public Interest Declassification Board and the Assassination Records Review Board.

The National Law Journal once wrote, "if Agent Mulder ever needed a lawyer, Zaid would be his man."

See Zaid discussing the law and comic books on Vimeo.