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A Tech Geek with a Passion for Law: Albany Law School’s Online Graduate Programs degree helps Osman combine passions

Rabia Osman

By Lauren Mineau
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According to Rabia Osman, Rabia Osman is a “tech geek.”

She’s also passionate about how the law shapes technology and data privacy.

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Earning a Master of Science in Legal Studies in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Law through Albany Law School’s Online Graduate Programs mixed those interests perfectly.

“[This program] is so relevant to today and relevant to the work that I'm doing,” she said. “All the professors take their real-world work and we discuss real-world examples.”

Since earning a M.S.L.S in 2019, she moved to California and is currently a Senior Privacy Analyst at Hologic, Inc where she creates and coordinates privacy initiatives company-wide such as onboarding systems, corporate data mapping, data inventories, and cookie consent. She also works on California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.

“I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Albany Law School. Nearly everything I learned in my master's classes has applied directly or indirectly to the work that I'm doing today,” she said. “I moved from New York to San Diego and brought all of my Albany Law School textbooks. And I still refer to my notes.”



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Her interest in cybersecurity started during her time as an undergraduate at John Jay College. Originally, she wanted to be a forensic scientist, but a coding class fit a hole in her schedule, and plans changed.

“I did really well. It was bizarre because I went in without any coding experience. I did not think of myself as a programmer. But my professor saw my potential and encourages me to take another class. Eventually, I took more and more and I was considered a computer science major.”

After she graduated with a computer science and information security degree, the prospect of being a software programmer or developer wasn’t enticing, so she wondered where she could go next.

She completed a Tech Fellowship with Congresswoman Yvette Clarke (N.Y., 9th District) which fueled a passion for privacy and advocacy.

Osman proposed legislation to Clarke to promote virtual reality as a tool for professional development. Clarke loved the idea and drafted H.R. 4103 which was introduced in the House of Representatives in July 2019. Osman organized a virtual reality for staffers on the importance of this emerging technology and to promote the bill.  

“Congresswoman Clarke does a lot of advocacy and work on cybersecurity. I was really there to help educate them on all the cybersecurity threats and served as a resource and tech quality person,” Osman said.
This experience cemented the bond between her two passions.

Despite concerns about the time commitment and rigor of attending law school, Albany Law’s online program was a perfect fit for Osman.

“I was interested in every class I took. I can’t recall a single one that I wasn’t excited to take. To have that experience and a law school on your resume is amazing,” she said.

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Rabia Osman