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LL.M. in Hand, Goralczyk Advances Career and Takes on Teaching

Jacqueline Goralczyk

By Lauren Mineau
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Cybersecurity is relevant across many fields. For Jacqueline Goralczyk, an Albany Law School graduate of both the J.D. program (2015) and online LL.M. program in Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Law (2018), it’s allowed her to strengthen her career and find a way to give back to her alma mater.

Goralczyk, a partner at DeAngelus Goralczyk PLLC, was able to balance her LL.M. studies with full-time employment and a young family. The flexible nature of Albany Law School’s program makes it accessible to people outside of Albany—and offers a great way to learn from a worldwide network.

“It’s outside of the box of your traditional learning experience. Most people are out in the field every day,” she said. “Some of the students have backgrounds that are so impressive, those are great connections for someone who maybe doesn’t have a background in cybersecurity or is just finished with their J.D.”

Goralczyk has also served as an adjunct professor, teaching courses on cybersecurity and data privacy at Albany Law School for the past three semesters.

“It’s been awesome for me. I don’t think I ever envisioned doing any sort of teaching. So, it was a really unique opportunity. I’ve learned a lot teaching—maybe as much as I’ve imparted on the classes,” she said. “It was a very fluid experience because of the fact that I had done the program online and knew what to expect. Hopefully, I have been able to make it a little easier for students who are learning online for the first time and maybe encouraging expression that doesn’t always happen when we are online.”

She has several years of experience working with clients on cybersecurity-related issues and advises them on ways to protect their data and general privacy. Previously, she specialized in real estate transactions and owned a title insurance company before that.

Now, she’s been able to shift her focus to an area she’s passionate about: small businesses.

With full-scope audits by larger IT companies being out of reach for most small companies, she’s hoping to offer them a way to feel safe without breaking the bank.

“A small business has to think about client information, employee information. There are also several pieces of legislation that have come out that increase regulation on small businesses,” she said. “We’re looking at a niche market of small businesses who want to have a plan in place and we’re giving them an alternative.”

Wherever her career takes her, the knowledge she has gained in cybersecurity will bring value.

“Even if you’re not in a traditional field, you’re still going to have to deal with cybersecurity issues. If you can find that spot in your current field you can build on it. There’s a value to it, regardless of your field,” she said. “Every type of law there is to practice, there is a cybersecurity piece.”

Jackie Goralczyk