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Brewer '77 Makes National News Again with Big Case

William Brewer III '77

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The Supreme Court's recent decision not to hear an appeal by a Dallas suburb regarding the constitutionality of its immigration ordinance marked a decisive victory for William Brewer III '77 and the other legal advocates who have been fighting several versions of the ordinance since 2006.

"This case should play a role in the national debate regarding attempts by local governments to regulate immigration," said Brewer in a press release.

The suburb, Farmers Branch, passed legislation that prevented landlords from renting property to undocumented immigrants, as well as several other stringent regulations. The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans ruled that the legislation was unconstitutional because immigration can only be regulated by the federal government.

Brewer, an Albany Law School Board of Trustee member, is a founder and partner at the Dallas-based law firm Bickel & Brewer. In 1995, the firm launched The Bickel & Brewer Storefront to tackle cases with broad community impact, providing legal assistance to a wide range of individuals, businesses and community entities in need.