New York Practice Survey

Academic Year

This course is a survey of the law related to civil litigation in New York. The course highlights the main topics covered in New York Practice I and New York Practice II. The course will familiarize students with the nature, purpose, and content of the Civil Practice Law and Rules and, through statutory and case law analysis, develop a foundation for civil practice. The treatment is essentially in chronological order, beginning with subject matter jurisdiction, personal jurisdiction, venue, statutes of limitation, parties, pleadings, motion practice, pre-trial discovery, provisional remedies, judgments, and appeals. This course will overlap with New York Practice I and New York Practice II and offers a one-semester, four-credit survey option for coverage of the New York CPLR. Students who take either New York Practice I or II may not take this course. Students who take this course may not take New York Practice I or New York Practice II.