MSLS 592 Thesis: Writing

Academic Year

The thesis requirement is the capstone for all Online M.S. and LL.M. programs. Students will have a choice to write a Thesis paper on a topic of their choosing within the discipline, or to conduct an approved project that is connected to their professional role. Both courses, Thesis: Research and Thesis: Writing, are taught consecutively and graded separately. Students may not take Thesis: Writing until they have successfully completed Thesis: Research. In Thesis: Research, students will continue with their researched topic and completed pathfinder to build and present their final paper or project. Evaluation of the final paper or project will center on the expanded statement of the thesis topic; an original research plan consisting of the research questions, methodology, strategies, and resources learned in Thesis: Research; the bibliography and the final thesis. Those working on professional projects will collaborate with the thesis professor to ensure the final deliverable meets the academic standards of the program. Students will present their final work either to an internal audience or in an external professional setting, such as an industry conference or corporate professional development event.