Academic Year

This course is designed to assist you to understand the principles and methods used by mediators to assist others in conflict to come up with their own answers, specially tailor solutions to fit unique circumstances and make plans that meet the needs of all involved. The course material will extensively cover skills required for a mediator to effectively handle small claims mediation as well as family mediation via both in-class lectures as well as simulated role play of mediators and participants. The training is intended to prepare students to serve as court-affiliated mediators and to counsel clients more effectively, regardless of their area of law. Note that realistic, offensive and conflict-based language will be used throughout the lectures, media presentations and simulations and participants should be prepared to hear, use and examine vulgar, biased and accusatory language. Class participants will also use meditative methods to examine their own conflicts and decision making processes. Students who complete the course satisfy the 30 hour New York State Unified Court System training program requirement for becoming a community mediator. Those who wish to become a certified community mediator in New York State may take part in the Mediation Apprenticeship during the Spring semester to complete their two-part training. There is no prerequisite to take this course, however this course is a prerequisite for the Mediation Apprenticeship.