HRLP 505 Wkrfrce,recruitm/Reten/Develpm

Academic Year

Directing, investing in, and developing an organization's workforce is a priority for any organization's success and continued growth and development. The ongoing process of developing and investing in a talented workforce has become an increasingly integral role for human resources (HR) professionals. HR professionals are being looked upon to evaluate every area of the workforce to maximize the organization's return on investment in recruiting, developing and retaining talent. Successful HR departments match the roles, skills, and people into the right positions within the organization. This course will educate HR and aspiring HR professionals on talent recruitment, retention and development and will incorporate results-based strategies for motivating and rewarding individual employees as well as successful work teams. The course will span a range of HR management issues beginning with workforce planning, recruitment and selection, training and compensation, professional development, through and including performance evaluation and, when necessary, outplacement.