HLTH 601 Strategic Appr Pub Hlth Law/Cm

Academic Year

Students will explore the foundations of public health law together with key issues at the intersection of public health law and public health compliance. The course will first focus on the foundations of public health law and then address real-life public health compliance issues. Students will learn by applying public health law concepts to real-world problems through assignments, discussions, and a final paper. Students will select one of four current public health law compliance interventions and spend a portion of the seven weeks drafting a proposed statute, regulation, or policy and writing a short (4-page) public health law compliance (PHLC) plan that will serve as their final paper. The first week, the students will discuss how to frame the issue as a public health law matter of concern. In the following weeks, the course will focus on various aspects of PHLC and progress from the planning stage to the drafting stage and finally to a plan for implementation.