CSDP 509 Data Access, Trk,surv & Const

Academic Year

This graduate level course is designed to examine how today's emerging technologies and capabilities interplay with our pre-existing legal infrastructure and our constitutional rights. Topics covered include: The vulnerabilities of the internet; the Fourth Amendment and laws designed to protect our systems and data; evolving security threats to the domain system, including a deep-dive into ransomware; surveillance and tracking of individuals for commercial and law enforcement purposes; the laws that govern real-time monitoring of communications; the application of older, pre-Internet laws to modern website technologies; Internet of Things (IoT) devices and the laws that may (or may not) apply to protecting the privacy of IoT data; commercial liability for distribution of modern technology used for spying on others (and the negative impacts it brings, to include denial of human rights, freedom, and in some cases, life); and personal liability for poor technology, cybersecurity, or privacy as well as recent court decisions around cyber-insurance.