Advanced Legal Analysis II

Academic Year

ALA II is Albany Law School's dedicated "bar prep prep" course, designed to be taken in a student's final semester of classes to ease the transition from law school to full-time bar preparation. Students learn strategies for success on the Uniform Bar Exam and practice with real bar exam questions every week, reflecting on lessons learned and developing a comprehensive understanding of at least 5 bar exam subjects (typically: Torts, Crimes, Contracts, Property, and Evidence). All types of questions on the exam are covered (multiple choice, essay, and performance tests) in an interactive environment, and students receive detailed feedback on every assignment. In addition to introducing students to the content and scoring of the bar exam, the course will cover optimal study techniques; critical reading and issue spotting skills; tactics for writing well-organized essay answers; strategies for answering multiple choice questions; time management methods; and stress reduction techniques. The class may not be taken pass/fail. Note: ALA I is not a prerequisite for ALA II.