Advanced Legal Analysis I

Academic Year

ALA I is designed as a bridge between first-year classes and third-year bar exam preparation. The course focuses on the following skills, with special emphasis on how to apply these skills on exams like the Uniform Bar Exam: organizing topics within subjects in ways that improve understanding of rules of law; issue-spotting fact patterns more efficiently and effectively; answering multiple choice questions without being distracted by incorrect answers; writing essays that demonstrate mastery of legal analysis; and recognizing arguments on both sides of an issue. These skills will be taught in the context of multiple subject areas that are tested on the bar exam but may not be covered in detail in first-year classes, including defamation and strict liability in Torts, third party rights and duties in Contracts, and rights in land (including mortgages) in Property. The course may not be taken pass/fail. Note: ALA I is not a prerequisite for ALA II.