Advanced Evidence

Academic Year

Relevance is the basic concept of evidence law. This course will cover, after a brief overview of FRE 401-403, the subject in all of its applications in depth, particularly character, "other acts" and habit evidence; and every aspect of impeaching and rehabilitating a witness's testimony. When an offer of evidence implicates several of these rules, emphasis will be placed on how to identify those rules which need to be considered and those which need not be; and the procedural and tactical trial context in which these issues arise and how they are resolved. These matters arise in every trial, civil and criminal. In essence, the course builds upon your basic understanding of FRE articles IV and Vi and shows how they are all inter-related; and will do so with a trial lawyer's perspective. The course textbook consists of a presentation of the blackletter rules and numerous questions presented through a Q & A format with answers, with very few cases. Evidence is a prerequisite.