Pathway to Admission Program

Albany Law School has partnered with The Focus Approach, LLC to establish a program that helps students strengthen their applications to the Juris Doctor (JD) program and sets them up for future success in law school and the bar exam.

This program will provide prospective applicants who have struggled with the LSAT or have not yet completed the LSAT an opportunity to reach their full academic potential.

The Requirements

  • Students must complete the Pathway to Admission registration form for Albany Law School.
  • Students must register for and attend the LSAT preparatory sessions taught by The Focus Approach, LLC.
  • Sessions typically span a period of 12 weeks and include a combination of pre-recorded classes, live virtual classes, and weekly virtual meetings with your mentor.
  • Students must register for and complete 12 hours of Legal Writing virtual seminars taught by an Albany Law School faculty member.

The Goal

In order to improve your likelihood of acceptance at Albany Law School and overall preparedness for the rigors of our JD program, the goal is to achieve a minimum LSAT score greater than or equal to the median LSAT score of the prior year’s entering class.

The Benefits

  • Reimbursement of up to $2,000 towards the cost of The Focus Approach, LLC 12-week course when you enroll at Albany Law School. Proof of payment and successful completion of the course will be required.
  • Guaranteed offer of admission to Albany Law School, if:
    • a JD program application is submitted and completed timely
    • applicant satisfies all character and fitness requirements
    • applicant meets or exceeds the median LSAT and GPA for the prior year’s entering class
    • applicant successfully completes the Focus Approach program
  • Applicants who do not meet requirements for guaranteed admission may still qualify for admission through our standard application process.
  • All students admitted to Albany Law School are considered for available scholarships immediately upon offer of admission.

For more information and to register for The Focus Approach, LLC 12- week LSAT preparatory sessions and the 6-session Legal Writing course please visit focusapproach.com

For questions: admissions@albanylaw.edu

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