Award Winners & Lectures

The Kate Stoneman Awards are given to individuals in the legal profession who have demonstrated a commitment to seeking change and expanding opportunities for women.

The Hon. Judith S. Kaye, then Chief Judge of the State of New York, was the inaugural Kate Stoneman keynote honoree at Albany Law School's first Kate Stoneman Day in 1994. Chief Judge Kaye's lecture is featured in Chapter 2 of the American Bar Association book Pioneering Women Lawyers: From Kate Stoneman to the Present

The following women and men have been recognized by Albany Law School for their outstanding contributions to ensuring equity and fairness in the legal profession for women of all races, ages and religions. All of the people recognized have been role models and mentors for women attorneys and aspiring attorneys, and have served as an inspiration to others.


Keynote Honoree: Nancy Hogshead-Makar, J.D.
Hon. Christine M. Clark ’96
Donna E. Young

2020 Kate Stoneman Day was postponed until 2021 due to COVID-19 Pandemic. 


Keynote Honoree: Barbara Underwood
Patricia E. Salkin ’88
Kelley Ross Brown ’91

Video: 25th Anniversary Kate Stoneman Day


Keynote Honoree: Martha Albertson Fineman
Cristine Cioffi ’78
Hon. Joanne M. Winslow ’86

Video: 24th Anniversary Kate Stoneman Day


Keynote Honoree: Hon. Sonia Sotomayor, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States

Experience Justice Sotomayor's Visit to Albany Law School


Keynote Honoree: State Sen. Democratic Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins
Heidi Schult Gregory ’93
Hon. Margaret T. Walsh
In memory of the Hon. Judith S. Kaye


Keynote Honoree: Navanethem (Navi) Pillay (view the webcast)
Hope Lewis
Hon. Sondra Miller
Marjorie Karowe '74
Ruth Miner '20 (posthumously)
Special Recognition: Professor Mary Lynch


Keynote Honoree: Patricia Williams (view the webcast)
Hilary Charlesworth
Elizabeth Loewy '84
Theresa Higgins Snyder '64
Special Recognition: Lisa Frisch


Keynote Honoree: Jennifer J. Raab (view the webcast)
Lisa Codispoti '95 (posthumously)
Hon. Elizabeth Garry '90
Hon. Joan Kohout '74


Keynote Honoree: Patricia McGowan Wald (view the webcast)
Margaret Clemens '84
Maria Melendez '92


Keynote Honoree: Annette Gordon-Reed (view the webcast)
Barbara Cottrell '84
Dale Skivington '79


Keynote Honoree: Nell Minow
Catherine Cerulli
Anne Reynolds Copps '81


Keynote Honoree: Arlinda F. Locklear (download the podcast)
Mae A. D'Agostino
Melissa Mourges '80


Keynote Honoree: Cheryl D. Mills (download the podcast)
Hon. Leslie E. Stein '81
Sharon P. Stiller '75


Keynote Honoree: Margaret Montoya
Marina Angel
Betty Lugo '84
Hon. Karen K. Peters
Ann Shalleck


Keynote Honoree: Herma Hill Kay
Qudsia Mirza
Nancy K. Ota
Dianne Otto
Dianne R. Phillips '88
Donna E. Wardlaw '77


Keynote Honoree: Carol E. Dinkins
Hon. Carmen Ciparick
Hon. Yvonne Mokgoro
Lorraine Power Tharp
Winifred R. Widmer '54


Keynote Honoree: Hon. Mary Jo White
Penelope Andrews
Gail Brown Bensen
Georgia Nucci '96
Patricia Youngblood Reyhan


Keynote Honoree: Hon. Mary O. Donohue '83
Martha Davis


Keynote Honoree: Martha W. Barnett
Hon. Victoria A. Graffeo '77
Kathryn Grant Madigan '78
Mary Helen Moses


Kate Stoneman Graduation Centennial
Keynote Honoree: Judy Clarke
Keynote Honoree: Karen J. Mathis
Rachel Kretser
Lillian M. Moy
Margrethe Powers '63
Marjorie Semerad
Sandra M. Stevenson '71
Hon. Beverly C. Tobin '62


Keynote Honoree: Hon. Constance Baker Motley
Gloria Herron Arthur '85
Charlotte S. Buchanan '80



Keynote Honoree: M. Catherine Richardson
Donna J. Morse
Miriam M. Netter '72



Keynote Honoree: Hon. Jeanine F. Pirro '75
Katheryn D. Katz '70



Keynote Honoree: Hon. Judith S. Kaye
Bernard E. Harvith
Helen M. Pratt ’28