Justice Center Faculty and Staff


Sarah F. Rogerson 
Associate Professor of Law
Director, The Justice Center
Director, Immigration Law Clinic
Email: sroge@albanylaw.edu
Courses:  Immigration Law Clinic

Joseph Connors
Clinical Professor of Law
Director, Health Law Clinic
Email: jconn@albanylaw.edu
Courses: Health Law Clinic

Dale Margolin Cecka
Assistant Professor of Law
Director, Family Violence Litigation Clinic
Email: dceck@albanylaw.edu
Courses: Family Violence Litigation Clinic

Edward W. De Barbieri
Assistant Professor of Law
Director, Community Economic Development Clinic
Email: edeba@albanylaw.edu
Courses: Community Economic Development Clinic

Mary Lynch
Clinical Professor of Law
Director, Domestic Violence Prosecution Hybrid Clinic
Email: mlync@albanylaw.edu
Courses: Domestic Violence (Seminar), Domestic Violence Prosecution Hybrid Clinic

Jaya Connors
Assistant Professor of Law
Director, Field Placement Clinic
Email: jlconn@albanylaw.edu
Courses: Field Placement Clinic

Staff Attorneys

Todd Arena
Senior Staff Attorney
Email: taren@albanylaw.edu

David Crossman ’17
Housing Justice Staff Attorney
Email: dcros@albanylaw.edu

Lauren DesRosiers
Senior Staff Attorney
Email: ldesr@albanylaw.edu

Valeria Gheorghiu
Senior Staff Attorney
Email: vgheo@albanylaw.edu

Elizabeth O’Reilly ’18
Barry A. Gold Health Law Staff Attorney
Email: eorei@albanylaw.edu

Erica Twomey ’18 
Staff Attorney
Email: eorei@albanylaw.edu

Graduate Fellows


Kathleen A. Carroll
Administrative/Legal Assistant
Email: kcarr@albanylaw.edu

Myrna Harvey
Receptionist/Office Assistant
Email: mharv@albanylaw.edu

Amy Hodor
Administrative/Legal Assistant
Email: ahodo@albanylaw.edu

Deena Mohamed
Administrative/Legal Assistant
Email: dmoha@albanylaw.edu

Suzi Nohai
Administrative Assistant/Paralegal
Email: snoha@albanylaw.edu

Eileen Roepe
Administrative Assistant/Paralegal
Email: eroep@albanylaw.edu

Support The Justice Center

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