General Information

TWEN is an online extension of the law school classroom. Most professors at Albany Law School use TWEN to post course materials, create assignments that students can receive and submit, organize class forum discussions, administer online quizzes, set up appointment times, exchange e-mails with students, and more.    

How to Access TWEN

Go to:  and type in your Westlaw Password or Username/Password. Click on the "Add a Course" button and select the course(s) you are taking among the listed courses.

TWEN is now mobile - Just log onto via your smartphone, and you can:

Participate in discussion forums
View course materials, calendars, and grades
Communicate with classmates and faculty
Vote using InstaPoll

For TWEN support, faculty and students should contact Albany Law's Westlaw account manager, Holly Rush, at 1-413-841-0996, or Faculty and students can also contact Westlaw directly at 1-800-306-9378 or by e-mail at For technical and general questions specifically about TWEN, call 1-800-486-4876 or send an e-mail message to:

Helpful Resources

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Using WestLaw Watch
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