Digital Video Recording

Students record their negotiations.

General Information

At Albany Law School, student simulations, classes, as well as, important school events and presentations are often recorded.  

Video recordings of student-client simulation sessions are used to evaluate student interviewing, counseling and negotiating skills, and to allow students to self-evaluate their performance. They are usually recorded using laptops and webcams and are stored on local computers.

Courtroom activities and presentations involving more than 4 students are recorded using a SONY HandyCam. These recordings are captured from the camera onto a computer. They are then converted to the appropriate video format and shared with the professor and students.

Albany Law School disseminates and preserves lectures, presentations and events sponsored by the law school and affiliated organizations. All recordings are cataloged, archived and transferred to an electronic media file. Those recordings that are for law school only viewing will be stored on a secured server and are password-protected. All general public events are posted on the law school school's website for public viewing.

School events that take place in the Dean Alexander Moot Courtroom are recorded using the room's wall-mounted cameras and recording equipment in the room's audio visual studio.  Events that take place in other locations use the law school's Panasonic AG-HMC150 AVCCAM Pro Camcorder, Phantom powered shotgun mic and wireless microphone system.  These recordings are imported onto a computer and edited. They are then converted to the appropriate video format and uploaded to the school website, intranet or other storage space.

The public is able to watch selected school events live at: The dates and times of these live webcasts will be posted on the school's website.  Events that have been streamed are archived and the flash video can be accessed after the event at:  

To request an event or classroom activity to be video recorded, click here. To request an event to be webcasted, fill out the request form here.

How to Watch a Digital Video:

Double click on the link found on the web page where the video is linked. The video will launch and you will be able to watch it right on your computer using Window Media Player or other multimedia software.

You can also download it onto your computer. On a PC, right-click on the web link and choose "Save Target As..." Save this file to anywhere on your hard drive. On a Mac, click the link and choose "Download Linked File" and save the file to anywhere on your hard drive.

To watch the video on your portable media player , download the video file, saving the file to wherever you save files in order to get them to sync with your portable player. This will be the same place that you save movies and other video to for syncing with your portable player.

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