Warren M. Anderson Legislative Series

Held monthly from February through May, the Warren M. Anderson programs feature experts who address major legal and policy issues pending before New York State government. Click to learn more about the series and past programs.

Edwin L. Crawford Memorial Lecture in Municipal Law

The Government Law Center established the Edwin L. Crawford Memorial Lecture on Municipal Law in 1996 to honor the memory of Edwin L. Crawford, former executive director of the New York State Association of Counties. The program strives to educate and promote dialogue on important and timely issues affecting local governments. Click to learn about past programs.

Fair Trial/Free Press Conference

Founded in 1969, the New York Fair Trial/Free Press Conference brings together members of the press and the criminal legal system to promote understanding and to assure both the right to a fair trial and the protection of a free press. At each program, a distinguished panel of judges, journalists, lawyers, and law enforcement officials explore the legal, political, and ethical issues that arise in a hypothetical scenario, including the responsibility and liability of the courts, law enforcement agencies, and the press. The Government Law Center and the New York Fair Trial/Free Press Conference have collaboratively presented the program on a biannual basis since 2022.

CLE in Saratoga Seminar Series

Each year on Fridays in August, the Government Law Center and Institute of Legal Studies present the CLE in Saratoga Seminar Series in Saratoga Springs, NY. Programs examine the latest updates in civil practice law and rules, criminal procedure law, evidence law, the Supreme Court, ethics, and more.

Topics in Aging, Disability, and Health Law

In partnership with the Institute for Aging and Disability Law, the Government Law Center convenes programs focused on a broad range of topics related to elder law, disability law, health law, and public policy.

Additional Topics

The Government Law Center convenes educational programs on emerging issues related to public policy, the law, and state and local governments. The Government Law Center also collaborates with Albany Law School departments, student organizations, and community partners to present programs of interest to the broader legal community.

Program Archive

The Government Law Center's programs and publications are archived on Omeka. Click here to browse our searchable archive.